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Cottonique is a perfect solution to allergy-free apparel for men, women, children and infants. The products include latex-free, spandex-free, chemical-free 100% natural cotton bras, briefs, shorts, t-shirts, and nightwear. Styles are available in elasticized as well as non-elasticized styles. Cottonique does not use bleaching compounds, color dyes and textile resins that may pose a threat to sensitive skin. The cotton used is 100% naturally grown. The fabric is highly absorbent and breathable.

Latex and Spandex-free Design

Most cotton apparel brands contain latex or spandex elastic around the waistband and leg openings. This latex elastic, even when concealed, may cause serious irritation and severe allergic reactions to the body. Cottonique products do not contain any form of latex or spandex, and are produced in a manufacturing facility that is completely free from latex or spandex contamination.

Revolutionary Design

Right down to the last stitch. A key aspect in the Cottonique design process is comfort to the skin. To ensure this, every product right down to the last stitch undergoes an extensive development process.

On some instances, it appears that Cottonique garments are designed inside out, this is where the company took a step out of the box. While commercially available garments are designed for aesthetics, placing the soft clean seams on the outside and the rougher seams on the inside, Cottonique reverses the process by incorporating the softer seams on the inside of the garment thereby providing enhanced comfort to the skin without compromising on durability."


Most cotton apparel are produced with the use of resins. These resins leave an invisible film over the fabric hindering the breathability of the garment while blocking or reducing moisture absorbency.

A truly unique feature to Cottonique is its innovative chemical-free fabric treatment process which enhances the air and moisture permeability of the cotton fabric. The absence of chemicals and resin coating keep the fabric pores open, increasing ventilation, and allowing moisture to rapidly escape and evaporate.


Cottonique's unique chemical and resin-free fabric is clear of any surface coatings that can hinder or block the passage of air or moisture to and from the skin. This feature combined with its rich hydrophilic texture results in extreme fabric permeability and enhanced moisture wicking properties, keeping the skin cool and naturally dry. This is advantageous in preventing bacterial odor, infection, skin rash, jock itch, and many other skin disorders.


Textile bleach chemicals (Calcium Hypochloride, Sodium Chlorite) have been linked to allergic contact dermatitis, eczema, and other skin irritation. The hefty use of these chemicals by textile plants is also a serious threat to our environment. Cottonique's natural 100% cotton fabric is free of any of these harmful dyes and chemicals.
Notice the color difference. All Cottonique products are available only in one color (natural). This is to preserve the purity of the fabric in its original form by avoiding the use of dyes and bleaches.


Textile color dyes contain various types of chemicals and heavy metals ( eg. nickel, chromium, copper, and cobalt etc.) and have been proven to cause allergic contact dermatitis, eczema, and other skin irritation. In addition, the dye and chemical residues from textile plants are extremely damaging to our environment. Cottonique's natural 100% cotton fabric is free of any of these harmful dyes and chemicals.

pH Balanced

The skin maintains an average pH value of 5.5 – 6.5 to protect itself from infection, irritation, allergic reactions and dehydration. This pH level is achieved by the body's own acidic secretions, such as perspiration, sebum (fatty secretions) and various hormones. From daily washing, or from the introduction of foreign substances, the skins pH level gets thrown off to values between pH 9 – 11 and it takes approximately 2 hours to bring itself back to its normal pH level. For those that have sensitive skin, it could take as long as 36 hours. Fabric dyes and/or chemicals in underwear or clothing can hinder or further slow down the skins Ph balancing process.

Cottonique is pH balanced making it easier on the skin to achieve and maintain its normal pH level. No other underwear in the market offers this unique advantage, making Cottonique the ideal clothing brand for people with sensitive skin.